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House music is the best by far

Recently I discovered this brand called Thrills and I can’t get enough of it. It’s just so upbeat at 124 beats per minute and you can easily, easily dance to it.

I discovered their YouTube channel and their Spotify playlist as well, and I like that there’s a variety of different types of house music.

There’s organ house music, there’s music for a house party, house & dance covers, and the ‘best house music 2020‘ playlist.

So whether you’re into one, two, or all of the playlists, give them a follow. Currently they’re sitting at about ~9,000 followers in total, but I think by the end of 2020 they’ll be at over 100,000 easily.

They have artists like MK, Fisher, MEDUZA, Joel Corry and more.

Here’s the Thrills Instagram.

Wall clocks vs mantel clocks

I’m here to compare – which is better objectively, wall clocks or mantel clocks?

Me personally – I prefer mantel clocks. However, that’s not for everyone. If you have a fireplace that has a mantel then you may be better off with a mantel clock, but just to put on a table, maybe consider hanging a wall clock instead.

Mantel clocks’ chimes are much better than wall clocks but once again they do require a mantel. Wall clocks on the other hand are much easier to set up and are visible from afar. Mantel clocks are smaller on average so it is harder to see the clock face. I’d recommend you check out clock selection and take a look at their mantel clocks.